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— Guild Wars 2 —

Arenanet has released the full list of Chronomancer Traits in a forum post today.

Hey all. Here are the Chronomancer traits from Robert! Keep in mind, all numbers are a work in progress.


  • Time Splitter – Gain access to continuum split/shift which allows you to revert to an earlier point in time.
  • Flow of Time – Gain alacrity when you shatter. (1s)
  • Time Marches On – You move 25% faster. The duration of incoming movement-impairing conditions is reduced by 25%. (Cripple. Chilled, Immobilize)


  • Time Catches Up – Activating a shatter gives your illusions Super Speed
  • Delayed Reactions – Interrupting a foe slows them. (3s of Slow)
  • All’s Well that Ends Well – Wells remove conditions from allies when they end. (1 condition)


  • Illusionary Reversion – Gain a clone after you activate a shatter skill.
  • Improved Alacrity – Alacrity applied to you lasts longer. (33%)
  • Danger Time – Gain additional critical hit chance against slowed enemies. (30%)


  • Lost Time – Every 3rd critical hit will slow your target. (2s of Slow)
  • Chronophantasma – Your phantasms respawn the first time they are shattered.
  • Seize The Moment – Gain quickness for each illusion you shatter. (1s of Quickness)

— Planetside 2 —

The NC MAX Burster’s CoF should now function as intended. Keep your eye on everyone with the new Daybreak Logo decal. This will be granted to anyone who logged in last week in the very near future.

— WildStar —

Hey everyone!

As promised in my last post, Loremageddon is back, and with a vengeance! This week we venture deep into the unexplored regions of WildStar lore, answering the most burning questions from inside the rabid lorehound community. What kind of music do space zombies enjoy? Are some shinies better than others? And where in the hell did those big fat floating cats come from? Strap in and hold on! The fun is only beginning…

As always, I want to thank all of you who have participated in Loremageddon. It’s been awesome to collaborate with the community to further develop the WildStar universe. And stay tuned! In the coming weeks, we’ll be reaching out to all of you for even more questions – so break out your fully annotated personal lore compendiums (which I’m sure you all have), and get ready to let the cosmic queries fly!

— Star Wars The Old Republic —

Nexu S5 Ranked pvp Reward

Nexu S5 Ranked pvp Reward

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WARNING!! Contents MAY offend !!

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