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By Esva, 16Jun15 0

  Bringing you E3 in depth coverage and media in this special report.¬†Racing from the lands of Tamriel to the stars of distant galaxies, the OrdoCast with Esva. Check it all out here.

By Odin, 08Sep14 0 Gaming, Updates

The Valkyrie, a 6 man aircraft, with 4 rumble seats, a pilot and a gun. It took flight a couple of weeks ago, and this weekend it got buffed. So join the Ordo Imperialis on the Emerald server and fly… Read More »

By Xoza, 19Oct13 1 Updates

As of this last week, thanks to Wolf Shaman and others, the ranks and structure has been overhauled to a more defined level. Where do you see your future in the Ordo? Set those goals, contribute and rise above in… Read More »

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