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By Odin, 08Sep14 0 Gaming, Updates

The Valkyrie, a 6 man aircraft, with 4 rumble seats, a pilot and a gun. It took flight a couple of weeks ago, and this weekend it got buffed. So join the Ordo Imperialis on the Emerald server and fly… Read More »

By Xoza, 17Sep13 0 Events, Gaming

Prove your strength on the battlefield of Auraxis with us in the world domination series on Planetside 2. Operation: Right to Rule, enlist today!

By Afevis, 03Aug13 0

Screenshots of Saturday’s W.A.R. operation by TRCameraGuy (Wolf Shaman). Overall a very fun and successful operation!

By Odin, 03Aug13 0

A video preview of Hossin, as it is found on the test server, courtesy of Odin047.

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