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Join the Ordocast thread. :: From The Shoutbox :: Angelin strikes with more toothless SWTOR First world problems involving alt F4 Esva’s best thing in the news that day KISHOSHIMA: If you’re bored Gav, Ive got a saw, some hammers… Read More »

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Join the Ordocast thread. :: From The Shoutbox :: Amazon TOR bundle: news from Odin47 Deed shoutbox pixk me up from ANGELIN01 :: Member Exchange :: Xoza – Boarderlands 2 Xoza – SWTOR IGI – Ventilated triumvirate Armor Xoza – SWTOR IGI… Read More »

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Shop.OrdoImperialis.com Browse our new gaming shop at the Ordo Imperialis for fair and competitive deals on all your favorite game titles. Use the code “OrdoImperialis” to get up to 20% off any item. Join today to earn awards‬, purchase and… Read More »

Wildstar: Phageborn Convergence Down

By Deadmon, 12Jan15 0 Events, Gaming

After only a brief encounter last week, the Dominion heroes of Nexus were able to take down the hardest composition for the Phageborn convergence!

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