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By Odin, 19Feb16 0 Events, Gaming

After a catastrophic event in New York City a unit of tactical agents known as The Division are slated with the task of securing and restoring order to the place. Join other agents in this co-operative, open world, 3rd person… Read More »

By Esva, 12Jul15 0 ,

This alpha was a tech focused alpha with only two game modes available, “Walker Assault” Which is based on the snow world of Hoth and is played over two rounds, So you get the experience of either defending Echo Base against the Imperials or destroying Echo base and the rebellion.

By Esva, 16Jun15 0

  Bringing you E3 in depth coverage and media in this special report. Racing from the lands of Tamriel to the stars of distant galaxies, the OrdoCast with Esva. Check it all out here.

By Xoza, 03Jun15 0 Gaming, Servers

With the early access release to the highly anticipated island survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved, the Ordo Imperialis has launched an open, dedicated server to bring together tribes and survivors alike. From the start, the server has expanded, remained up to… Read More »

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