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By Odin, 26Sep16 0 Gaming, Servers

Do you miss the epic Titan battles of BF2142? There is good news for you. Battlefield 2142 Revive Project has released. Come play the best Battlefield game ever.

By Odin, 14Jan16 0 Servers, Updates

A brand new year and a brand new server. Welcome to The Ordo Imperialis’ new Teamspeak server. Featuring renovated groups and new ways to ban trolls, or lock them in the brig if you like. Come check it out at… Read More »

By Xoza, 03Jun15 0 Gaming, Servers

With the early access release to the highly anticipated island survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved, the Ordo Imperialis has launched an open, dedicated server to bring together tribes and survivors alike. From the start, the server has expanded, remained up to… Read More »

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