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By Xoza, 23Oct13 1 Gaming

The dawn of the dead soon approaches, or if you camp with us in¬†Chernarus, it’s a part of everyday life already. Visit, join, build, conquer, survive as a team and have a happy halloween.

By Xoza, 18Oct13 0 Gaming

Are you an avid explorer, raider or dominator of Azeroth? Join us for a new chapter in the World of Warcraft on Sen’jin or across the realms! Fully featured level twentyfive (25) guild and taking applications, join today!

By Xoza, 17Sep13 0 Events, Gaming

Prove your strength on the battlefield of Auraxis with us in the world domination series on Planetside 2. Operation: Right to Rule, enlist today!

By Xoza, 24Aug13 0 Gaming, Updates

With Final Fantasy released and the Ordo’s free company built upon the ashes of the past and the bones of the mobs we’ve already stomped, we invite you! Join us to raid and progress within the realm! Contact us for… Read More »

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