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By Xoza, 12Nov15 0 Events

To our service men and women, brothers and sisters in arms, past and present. Thank you for your dedication and service to doing what you do.

By Xoza, 04Jul15 0 Uncategorized

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, take some time this month and the coming months to rejoice and celebrate the freedoms you hold and embrace those who have fought for and continue to fight for them. Have a happy and… Read More »

By Xoza, 03Jun15 0 Gaming, Servers

With the early access release to the highly anticipated island survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved, the Ordo Imperialis has launched an open, dedicated server to bring together tribes and survivors alike. From the start, the server has expanded, remained up to… Read More »

By Xoza, 21Dec14 0 Gaming, Updates

Are you a sci-fi or space enthusiast? Do you crave exploration of an open voxel sandbox where you can become your own artisan or engineer, even a galactic warden, marauder, or commander. Do you have what it takes to face an… Read More »

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