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By Aryte, 31Mar13 0 Meetings

Appointments By next week’s meeting, the official heads of the various chapters will be formalized. List posted on the officer forums. May see some rearrangement and assignment to previously vacant posts. Will likely be appointing a couple additional members of… Read More »

By Aryte, 24Mar13 0 Meetings

Operation recap:             New PS2 patch is pretty nifty.             Downside: Vanu lancer is massively overpowered.             Odin has so graciously recorded it (and my bitching) for all to see.             Looking forward to another go this evening– same time,… Read More »

By Aryte, 22Mar13 0

Even while intoxicated, Ordo pilots accomplish great things.
Sort of.

By Aryte, 17Mar13 0 Meetings

Compilations     Chapter commands: please prepare a roster of your standing personnel by next Saturday.     We will formulate a centralized area to house the information.     Rank assignments: please notate next to each individual (if not already ranked) what… Read More »

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