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By Aryte, 05May13 0 Meetings

Planetside Update – Harasser is a great addition to arsenal. – Fits our fighting style very nicely: hit fast, hit hard, avoid enemy reinforcements. – Recommend running a pack of them this evening and hunt enemy armor. Chapter Leadership –… Read More »

By Aryte, 28Apr13 0 Meetings

Outages Forums (core server) temporarily down yesterday: physical server move by host. TS3 randomly down at the same time. Unrelated, mended quickly by host. Topic: What can we do better? As suggested last week, we’ll be spending the majority of… Read More »

By Aryte, 27Apr13 0 Meetings

Advancement: SWTOR In recognition to their incredible efforts, advancing to company level. Congratulations to everyone involved– very proud to say you guys are rocking it! Xoza: PM me with what additional forum sections you feel would be useful.   Planetside… Read More »

By Aryte, 19Apr13 0 Meetings

Freeeeeeeeeeeeedom! Sorry for my scarcity over the last couple of weeks . . . Been running amok doing wedding stuff — I was the best man. Never again — if anyone ever offers it to you, decline. Seriously, just don’t…. Read More »

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