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By Aryte, 03Jun13 0 Meetings

Recognition Forms Four submitted so far. Reading them off, recognizing: Xoza, Demonis, Cujou, Gunslinger. Summer Opportunities Higher activity — capitalize on it. Recruitment: grow all chapters, especially our flagships. Return of recruitment heavy events. Warframe Kellervo moving away from Blacklight…. Read More »

By Aryte, 25May13 0 Meetings

RECOGNITION FORM Live: use freely; names will begin to be drawn after five submissions. FORUM APPLICATION Live: replacement of database in effect. Database applications will be reviewed periodically; may result in long delay if submitted there. Web link is… Read More »

By Aryte, 20May13 0

Ordo Imperialis platoon simultaneously engaged vastly numerical NC and Vanu forces. Eventually we were pushed back, but not before putting a huge amount of hurt on the enemy advance.

By Aryte, 18May13 0 Meetings

Recognition System: Online As mentioned a couple of weeks ago . . . Easy way to recognize accomplishments of one another. Anything from “had a great event, helped a lot” to recognizing ongoing contributions to the group. Form will be… Read More »

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