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By Aryte, 09Jul13 0 Meetings

Weekly recognition forms. Read new ones. Draw a name for prize: Savawolf (#11) Looking ahead: Star Citizen. Synopsis of what to expect. Planning to open a chapter immediately. Who has what? Someone catch me up here. Planetside 2 Operations. Hearing… Read More »

By Aryte, 06Jul13 0 Meetings

Drawing a new name for weekly recognition. Winner:¬†Kellervo (#6) Read off new recognition posts. TRADOC Innovations Command level setting basic expectations. Chapter level to determine necessities. Standards are baseline for all, whereas specifics (and additional layers) will be set by… Read More »

By Aryte, 22Jun13 0 Meetings

Recognition Form Reminder Link: http://forums.ordoim…?hl=recognition New recognition forms covered. Roll for new winner. Discussing the Future of Titan Hard decisions need to be made. General avoidance of digging into the topic? Talk of making it into an RP region. Cost… Read More »

By Aryte, 15Jun13 0 Meetings

General Updates Various chapter check ins: Warframe, SWTOR, NWN, PS2. Progress on ARMA routine. Anything that needs to be mentioned regarding scheduling of events? Exploring Options for Titan Still considering what to do “with” Titan on SL. Considering the cost… Read More »

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