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By Odin, 23Jun16 0 Events, Gaming

Steam’s annual summer sale has begun. Like the previous sale prices are supposed to remain constant throughout the sale, so no need to wait until the game you want comes up on a flash sale or daily deal. What do… Read More »

By Odin, 09Jun16 0 Events, Gaming

The summer event takes place from June 9th to July 21st. During Star Trek Online’s 2016 Summer Event you will be able to obtain Lohlunat Prize Vouchers (2016) by participating in the Flying High event. These Prize Vouchers can be… Read More »

By Odin, 04Jun16 0 Gaming

It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching a full year since the official launch of Heroes of the Storm on June 2 of 2015. Since that date, we’ve introduced fifteen new Heroes, four new Battlegrounds, tons of new skins and… Read More »

By Odin, 02Jun16 0 Events, Gaming

“The Blackdagger Bandits are ruthless when it comes to raiding ships for their cargo. Smugglers in that area get hit especially hard…not that I would know since I’m definitely not a smuggler…” – Nali Hexthorne, Definitely Not a Smuggler Like… Read More »

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