By Aryte, 03Mar13 0 Meetings

Rank Reconsideration Simplifying the structure, instead of expanding it. Goal to put focus on performance in game, giving achievements more value. Reduces red tape. Structure Reconsideration Simplifying it down to platoon, company, battalion. Battalions, if somehow large enough to warrant… Read More »

By Cygna, 18Feb13 0 Meetings

March Looming Effective appointments; New officer roles; All existing officers will need to have chosen a focus area by month’s start (we’ll be covering this in the officer meeting). Goal was to give everyone of authority a lazy month. Some… Read More »

By Cygna, 09Feb13 0 Meetings

Webpage New front page available: opted for a different design than originally intended. Front ending a lot more information than we used to. TS3 will be generally accessible. Progress steady. Nikki helping out with graphic design. Thoughts about perhaps having… Read More »

By Cygna, 04Feb13 1 Meetings

Operation Performance Solid turnout for yesterday’s mission on PS2; looking forward to tonight’s. Continuing to push basic mastery elements: use of numbers for call-sign, distribution of force, etc. Opportunity still exists for individuals wishing to lead squads: simply volunteer, there’s… Read More »

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