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By Odin, 17Nov15 0 Gaming, Updates

Neverwinter Online’s newest content patch, Underdark, was released today. In addition to the new Underdark campaign this patch also includes a myriad of other changes and improvements to the game. This marks the 6th campaign in Neverwinter. Join us in Neverwinter, free… Read More »

By Esva, 18Jul15 0 Updates

Get Social, #GetOrdo                           click to explore the Ordo Imperialis Social network

By Odin, 16Jul15 0 Gaming, Updates

Victory! After many hours and disappointments, the threat at the Temple of Sacrifice on Yavin IV is no more. Members of Ordo Imperialis have destroyed Revan’s followers, beasts, Commanders, and stopped Revan himself as the machine he planned to use… Read More »

By Odin, 16Jul15 0 Gaming, Updates

After several attempts to clear this raid, all the hard work the members of the WildStar chapter put in just came together and BAM! they cleared it in one shot this previous Tuesday. (Datascape 3/9)

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