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By Odin, 23Dec16 0 Events, Gaming

Star Wars has Life Day and in Eorzea we celebrate the Starlight Festival with snow, gifts, and orphans. Last night we celebrated with our annual Starlight party with snowball fights (Pictured above), gift giving, and more.

By Odin, 22Dec16 0 Events, Gaming

Its that time of year again…. Time to spend all your money on Steam games! Tell us in the comments below what you plan on buying.

By Odin, 23Nov16 1 Events, Gaming

Today we celebrate the unholy matrimony of Mizuho (Aldotsk) and Hiro (Hiro Tenkai) in the land of  Eorzea. They begin their journey as an eternally bonded couple riding off into the sunset and exploring the world, together.  

By Odin, 07Nov16 0 Gaming, Updates

A planet in shambles but still in tack. One group stands alone on this broken planet, through death and carnage into a fight for life this group has risen above to conquer this world. Fallen Jedi, Sith, and factions alike… Read More »

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